A Trackplan: Comstock Road

Here is the current and ideally final iteration of my intended small switching layout.

Comstock Road 12.1

The olive green rectangles are buildings or at least flats thereof.  The black vertical rectangle is a road bridge and the gray at upper left is a two(maybe three) track traverser.

Some notes on various elements.

  • The traverser provides offstage storage as well as the other end of the runaround and access to the upper left siding.
  • I have not firmly established what the industry locations will be.  Doing that would give some points of reference to refer to instead of this “upper left” hand waving.
  • The layout name is chosen for a road that runs near the remainder of CN’s GECO spur in Scarborough, ON.  This is definitely an “inspired by” rather than “based on” homage to that and other industrial service in Scarborough.
  • The GECO spur included a diamond where two sidings crossed.  That is my excuse for a bit of special trackage.  Never having actually build one will make that an interesting challenge.
  • 1970’s creeks in industrial Scarborough were more likely to be concrete lined ditches than pleasant fishing spots but I will aim for a beleaguered but unbeaten stream.
  • The choice of left side for the traverser was because that is the side the door to the room is on so visitors will be start with a view into the traverser.  Concealing that sort of entry is always a challenge.  Expect extensive mocking up to determine final sight or lack of sight lines.
  • I intend to operate from the front with the traverser movement and indexing automated using a micro controller such as an Arduino and a CNC style stepper motor and lead screw.

I have been settled on this version for a month or two.  Although I might tweak things a bit, this is the plan of record.  Now I just have to build it.

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