The Alternative Plan

I wanted to take a look at the other plan finalist and contrast the two.

Here, again, is the plan I intend to implement: comstock12.1

And here is the leading alternative which I think of as the no hidden track version:comstock6

I like the alternative almost as much and suffer periodic wobbling of intent.  (Until I start cutting roadbed, I could go the other way if I wanted).

Things I like about the alternative:

  • No hidden track
  • Nice long multi-spot siding.
  • Main alignment is not parallel to the baseboard edge.
  • No problematic fiddle yard entrance to disguise

Things I don’t like:

  • Short leads at either end of an implausibly short runaround.
  • Reaching over to uncouple on left end.
  • Half the turnouts are sitting on baseboard joints with less freedom to move them off.
  • No way to fiddle equipment on and off the layout off-stage, at least without some sort of additional extension which the current layout site discourages.

Things I like about the intended plan:

  • Traverser both provides a bit of staging and it replaces two turnouts.
  • Off-stage end of run around track makes the runaround effectively infinite in length and less toy-like.
  • Headroom for switching sidings is less constrained.
  • A bit of special but plausible track-work.
  • One more spot with one less turnout. 🙂

Things I don’t like:

  • The inevitable need for some sort of disbelief involved in disguising the fiddle yard entrance.
  • Most of the traverser automation needs to be bulletproof before operating entirely from the front is possible.  I can do it but the critical path is not the best place for the experimental project.

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