Pins In: Small Progress Is Still Progress

In his wonderful books, Iain Rice talks about being set up so that even 10 or 15 minutes of time can be used to advance something hobby related even if it is merely ballasting a foot of track.  The concept that small amounts of regular progress add up over time is something that is intellectually easy to grasp but not necessarily emotionally so.

The last week has been seemed sparse on moments of spare time coinciding with motivation.  Remembering Iain’s words, I did manage to make a few advances: acquire a poplar 1×3 to embed the section alignment pins in, cut that poplar into blocks, glue the blocks in and, tonight, install the pins in the first pair of ends.

I am using Lee Valley table leaf alignment pins.  (I am fortunate to be able to claim Lee Valley Tools as a local source which may be cheating a bit)  Some of the barrier to progress was the nagging worry that I would duff the pin install and right off some ends.  Of course, avoiding mistakes by not doing anything is not a better solution so, onward.

Despite my trepidation, the first result is acceptable.  Bang on for horizontal and only barely perceptibly off vertically.  Which is the opposite of the expected failure axis since vertical was against a fence.  The fit itself is tight enough that there is no perceptible play which is what we want.  Phew.

alignmentpins Second set of pins are waiting on some glue to dry since somebody, ahem, tried to plane down a slightly proud block end which resulted in what you should expect across the grain: splitting an edge.  Glue and clamp currently remediating that learning experience.

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