Baseboard Frames Done

Tonight I finished gluing up the baseboard frames.  I decided to do a test setup just to make sure everything fit before the glue dried.  There was a bad moment where I was looking at two section ends both labelled 1 and top but had pins on the same side.  After a little bit of panicking and preparing to rip and end out I flipped the end section over so the pins and sockets aligned and…. it all fit.  Which leaves me pondering where I mislabelled an end or accidentally made things symmetrical enough to work upside down.  Almost certainly the former.  Still, I don’t like it when software bugs magically go away without explanation either.  Oh well.

Here, crammed into the aisle in the shop, is the current state of the layout.  Internal cross bracing will wait on getting the trackplan laid out full size so that turnout linkages can be avoided.  Next up is a big tidy/declutter/rearrangement so that the layout can go up against the wall to the left and a start on the backdrop ends and valance.


2 thoughts on “Baseboard Frames Done”

    1. It does look cool. Exotic benchwork techniques is apparently a sub-hobby of mine.

      Stiffness in the vertical plane is good. Clearly those corners are not going to hold the rectangle by themselves. My intent is to use 1/2″ ply subroadbed tied to all the cross braces. I expect that and foamboard elsewhere to complete the notional “box” to make things rigid in the horizontal plane.

      As far as weight goes, you provided the nudge to cart the bathroom scale down to the shop and find out so the answer is: 6.4lbs per section. Now I just need to sneak the scale into the big box store to weight a 12′ pine 1×4 for comparison. 🙂


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