The linear progress on a single modeling project described to this point might cause one to wonder about my choice of blog title. Wonder no longer! Here is the other project nearest completion.

Some time ago, I chanced to re-read an installment of Bob Walker’s excellent Scratchbuilder’s Corner column in Railroad Model Craftsman where he suggested on build a shed as start on scratchbuilding structures.  After a bit of thrashing around, I settled on a PRR handcar shed since plans were freely available on the internet at PRR Standard Plans.

I got the whole thing done except the roof and wandered off to other projects. I have recently started on the roof since that seems like a short step to done.  Never one to do things the easy way, I decided to try a technique for creating tarpaper roofing from kraft paper using an India ink and alcohol wash I read somewhere or other.

So, shed with insufficiently rigid 1/32″ plywood subroof:shed

And roofing in progress:roofingfactory

To do:

  • Resolve subroof rigidity issue.
  • Finish staining roofing.  Photo is two coats of stain, I think I need to add more ink to the mix.
  • Apply soffit.
  • Apply roof.
  • Door hardware, perhaps an exterior light and a stove pipe.
  • Affix shed to a minimal base.
  • Lighting?  The door is not openable and there is no interior.

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