As I previously mentioned, a major cleanup and reorganization are required to site the new Comstock Road layout against the wall. A primary task was removing and disposing of the last section of the old layout benchwork. Here is a shot of the bottom which is the interesting side.


This section never had anything on it that was supposed to be there and has been serving as a big, very solid shelf since it was built. (It was going to be harbor water and piers.) I cleared it off this morning, carted it out to the driveway and cut it up so that it could join other detritus in a trip to the waste transfer station.

Always one to try a new benchwork construction method, I built the previous layout using the “waffle” approach. The results are rigid to an extreme. Tapdancing elephants might crush it but it probably still wouldn’t flex. Construction time is probably on the same order as the plywood sandwich I am using on Comstock Road but with more sawing with a jig saw required.

But, you knew there must be a but,  the rigidity was at the price of weight. 1/2″ plywood + Homasote over all made the sections firmly in the movable not portable category. There are clubs who base show layouts on waffles so portability standards obviously differ. I suspect such clubs are well provided with extra hands and hauling capacity.

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