Tool Block

One of my organization objectives is to get tools out of containers so that they are visible and ready to hand. A tool block is, according to me anyway, just a block of material with a bunch of holes in it into which you stick tools. You can pack a good number of suitably shaped tools into a small area and still get at them. On the downside, you have to stick one end in a hole. Hobby knives and screwdrivers don’t work well since the former has the business end sticking up where I will eventually stab myself and the latter has the interesting bit in the hole so you can’t tell which is which. Files and paint brushes work well. I will experiment with others to see what I can make fit.

Here is the proper item I started today with the first two rows of holes drilled. I used an offcut from a butchers block counter top that has been hulking on the wood cart for some time. It certainly won’t be tipping over. Previous decade old “temporary” foam insulation predecessor included for comparison.toolblocks

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