Paint Blocking

Blocking is the term for paint on one surface sticking to the paint on another instead of to the surface it is supposed to be sticking to. Various things can contribute to blocking including paint not fully cured, poor surface preparation and poor paint quality. This problem is of concern given my intent to paint the baseboards and baseboard supports. The layout will spend most of its time set up and I don’t want to go to move it and have various bits of paint decide to go with the wrong surface.

I had some of this happen when I removed the shelf brackets that held up the old layout. This occurred despite the brackets being enameled by the manufacturer and the paint on the wall not being any kind of uncured. See if you can tell where the bracket were mounted:blocking

To avoid blocking on the various mating surfaces of Comstock Road I can not paint non-visible surfaces and/or use alkyd paint instead of my usual latex. I need to do some more research and perhaps visit a paint specialist and ask them.

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