Levelers Installed, Vocabulary Expanded

I took advantage of a quiet holiday Saturday to move Comstock Road along. I had delayed installing levelers on the naive hope that my basement floor was level enough as-is. With the middle baseboard section spanning the two support sections, nothing short of dead level was going to avoid rocking so levelers it is.

Following my local sourcing policy, I bought cabinet levelers such as are used on the bottoms of kitchen cabinets. They are top adjustable and can certainly hold the weight. I just hope that there isn’t a reason the standard item in the UK is different. Especially since I feel that I have invested a fair amount of patience in getting these installed.

When working out my fancy nesting folding leg system, I utterly failed to consider clearances for the levelers. It quickly became apparent that alterations needed to be made if things were going to fit at all. Uncharacteristically, I forged ahead without the usual thinking things to death. By the time I was done, I had: swapped the detachable and fixed ends of the leg braces, swapped them back, swapped them again, moved the cross brace attached to the brace supports to clear one set of levelers, set the works up, realized I forgot to put all the screws in, take it down, put it back up, realized it was wrong side to the wall, take it all down and set it back up the right way round. I may have said a few uncomplimentary things about myself in the process.

I pressed on and the baseboard frames are set up in place ready to receive interior bracing and trackbed. Here is what the levelers look like (That spruce 2×2 leg goes at the back but I knew I should have just bough one more finished pine stick):leveller

And here is the current state of Comstock Road just before I roll the two storage carts back under it:emplaced

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