Trackplan Revision

Whilst finishing up the final tie location adjustments in the Templot version of Comstock Road 12.1, a nagging little voice kept telling me that my two facing turnouts with crossing was very close to a single outside slip switch. Which it is. This is a plausibility problem since there is essentially zero chance such expensive specialty trackwork would get used on an industrial spur in Scarborough. The area I am claiming inspiration from went from fields to factories during World War II. There was no shortage of space and thus no need for slips and the like.

So, problems with plan 12.1:

  1. Almost a slip switch crammed trackwork.
  2. One of the turnouts is on an obvious curve.
  3. Runaround turnout spanning baseboard sections.

After a bit of pondering with the urge to start cutting Homasote vying with the doubts, I started doodling some more. My conclusion is to make the following changes:

  1. Flip the runaround so the main is at the front. This gives me room to move the two turnouts feeding the crossing farther apart.
  2. Reduce the headroom on the runaround. This gets the turnout off the joint and makes the runaround capacity equal to the traverser.
  3. Reduce the traverser length to 3 cars from 4. This matches the runaround and more importantly eases the curve into the siding in front of the traverser. That siding needed to move towards the front to allow the second track on the traverser to reach the main.
  4. Reduce the right front to a single siding. This loses a couple of spots but opens things up a bit.
  5. Add an “abandoned” turnout running off the front edge for scenic interest. To assuage my feelings of loss at those extra spots, I am allowing for a future extension around the corner just in case. I will either lay the turnout but no rails beyond or just the switch ties and straight rails into the industry.

Anyway, here is the AnyRail version of Comstock 12.2 which I definitely prefer now that I have it. A bit less cluttered and more plausible track geometry.comstock12.2

2 thoughts on “Trackplan Revision”

    1. The area of inspiration has numerous traces of former spurs including where two spurs crossed but only one remains. I am using that as a guide for the timbering(tie layout) for my crossing. I figured I could hedge against an extension and do an interesting scenic feature at the same time.


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