It’s All a (Tem)Plot

Inspired by the improved plan for Comstock Road, I have been diligently relearning the ins and outs of Templot in order to validate the new plan. I have reached the point where I prefer to redo something that isn’t quite right rather than rationalize leaving it be. If only I did this often enough to retain my current skill level. Oh well.

It doesn’t look as grand as the AnyRail version but this is what I intend to build. Of particular note is the fact that one leg of the diamond has a transition curve going through it. It was not too hard to do given the excellent instructional video made by Martin, Templot’s creator but being able to follow along tells me I have figured out where most of the knobs are.


In the past, I have printed out my templates on a stack of 8.5×11 sheets with the household printer. This time I am going to see if a local print shop can do it as one big sheet.

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