Layout on a Sheet of Paper

I dropped a PDF file of the Comstock Road Templot plan at a local print shop yesterday only to discover that the large format printer was down. With some trepidation, I left the job in their hands (It is easier to ensure “no scaling” when you are there to remind them) and returned to pick up my printout today. The job cost me $25 CDN and I don’t have much concept of whether that is a lot or not but I do have a very good idea of how much time is saved by not having to cut and paste some 40 or so 8.5×11 sheets of paper together so I am calling it a deal.

I answered a co-worker’s enquiry about the contents of the tube by unfurling the drawing on the office floor. Many of my colleagues being of the engineering persuasion, this drew a crowd while I enthused about the project. Hopefully I did not alarm anyone with my excitement.

Here is a view of the finished product rolled out on the baseboards over top of assorted building materials. Comstock Road will probably never look this pristine again but I can call this a view from the traverser. I checked things with digital calipers and as far as I can tell the whole thing is bang on. Which is close enough.printout

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