Crossbraces Installed

The full layout trackplan printout enabled me to accurately check for interference between crossbraces and turnout points. It turns out that there was only near miss that necessitated moving about an inch off the 12 inch center. With that out of the way, I made up and install the braces over the course of the day. Installation was accompanied by my first live participation in Model Rail Radio. Usually I listen to the recordings on a Bluetooth speaker I have in the train room for just that.


Next comes the trackbed and things start looking like a model railroad.

2 thoughts on “Crossbraces Installed”

    1. Yes, I am building a UK style exhibition layout. Arbitrary space constraint is “fits in back of Volvo wagon”. (I anticipate moving house in a few years and don’t want to have to rip things up.) I may even exhibit the layout eventually.


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