When the Loan of the Sander Comes Early

What habits and mental tricks do you use to keep at a project? Some people promise themselves a reward, some keep a visible to-do list and cross things off, and some just seem to keep going and going. I have used all of the above except the latter and I have found another one: Ask to borrow a tool and get it before you are ready to use it. Now, if I stall before using said tool, I may not be done when its return is needed. Better I should get ‘er done.

I didn’t make much progress this week except to acquire plywood for the subroadbed and meet up for lunch with my friend Trevor Marshall. Trevor is the creator of the S scale Port Rowan branch and also the creator of the Edmund Fitzsander, a sanding block for leveling ties prior to spiking rail. Trevor kindly lent me the Eddy for sanding the ties on Comstock Road. Now all I need is some ties glued down to sand.eddymakesport

With that motivation, I got the plywood layer cut out today and have begun splicing the end piece on. I just traced the shape of the Homasote layer onto one of my 2×8 sheets of 1/2 inch ply and jigsawed away. End and splice pieces were cut out using a circular saw. I did discover that the ends of the Homasote are not flat. It looks like both end curled during the years long storage and I failed to notice before gluing things up. I will have to cut back the ends and replace them with new pieces. Printing replacement templates for the replacement bits I can do at home.endcurl

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