Brother, Can You Spare A Clamp?

My friend Trevor Marshall has asserted that one cannot have too many clamps. While I am sure that there is a practical upper limit to clamp quantity, I am also sure I am nowhere close to that. Having finished up the subroadbed supports and cut the section joints in the plywood, I took a deep breath and tackled glueing down the central piece of Homasote. I felt some trepidation about this step because it necessitates applying glue to a large area and then setting and aligning a seven foot long, slightly floppy piece of material on top. I used Weldbond PVA since it is strong when set but gives me some working time to get things aligned.

When clamps run out, paint cans must serve:allthethings

And glue bottles. And eventually, even the shop fire extinguisher. I have some vague concerns that I might have failed to adequately protect some joints from glue seepage so cutting the Homasote joints may be somewhat character building.

2 thoughts on “Brother, Can You Spare A Clamp?”

  1. You’re right – you can never have too many clamps. Fortunately, for this application, they come in boxes of 100 – or 1,000!
    Drive in a bunch of screws to hold the pieces while the glue cures. Then remove them. You can then spackle the holes if you like.


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