We Have Separation

Yesterday, I finished adding in the last of the subroadbed supports while listening to Model Rail Radio. I didn’t get around to writing it up because I was excited enough by getting that job done that I pressed on and started cutting roadbed at the section joints. My plan is to cut each layer as I go to make sure things stay aligned. No point in adding another layer on top of a mistake that needs to be fixed.

Here is one set of joints:plywoodcut

The two outside cuts were made with a coping saw but I just couldn’t get at the middle section. I was forced to resort to the jigsaw with a fine blade. This produces a coarser cut than the coping saw but it at least produces a cut.

Having made the cuts, of course I had to try things out and I am happy to report that the sections separate and go back together while preserving alignment. The only iffy thing is there is a wee dip at the joint on the grade at left. I am not worried about that since it can be handled in tie sanding if need be.plywoodseparation

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