Fit to Be Tied

I haven’t cut and installed the replacement Homasote for the ends of tracks but that didn’t get in the way of making a start on glueing down ties. Laying ties is one of those simple model railroad activities that I enjoy and can do in small increments or distracted or tired or any of those other excuses that get in the way of doing challenging tasks. You plunk down some sticks, you lift them with tape, apply some glue, put them back down and repeat. Ten minutes is enough time to make some visible progress.

Here are the first ties down on Comstock Road. This is an exciting moment for me as things now start looking like an actual railroad. I did get more done after this but forgot to take another photo.tiesstarted

These ties are part of my pre-stained stock left over from the previous layout effort. I intend to use a different method that does not require pre-staining so bare wood will start appearing as I run out of various lengths.

Speaking of various lengths, I previously cut and stained switch ties in scale 6″ increments in batches. Which leads to issues with finding the correct length when you need it. My solution was about as cheap and cheerful as you can get: toilet paper rolls, paper clips and a shoebox lid.tiesorter

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