Empty Victory

Like most modelers, I accumulate various tools, materials, kits and supplies over time. Like most modelers, my heirs will likely have to dispose of various unused tools, materials, kits and supplies. Hopefully not that much but there are times when that voice in the back of your head suggests that your real hobby is buying stuff and storing it…

So, one of the things that gives me a particular sense of progress and keeps me going is when I use something up. Throwing out an empty container tells me that I am getting something done. Maybe not finished (especially if I needed more of whatever that was) but getting there. I have used up that last of my bag of pre-stained Mt.Albert regular ties and am now well into the next bag. The time between the purchase of the new bag and the old is measured in years.emptyvictory

And because empty bags aren’t particularly exciting, here is the current state of the tie laying phase. Note that I am also starting to run out of some lengths of pre-stained switch ties. I probably won’t use up all of some others.halftied

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