Making Tracks


This morning I made a start on the laying the rails. Given that this is going to be all-in Proto:48 with tie plates an scale sized spikes, this is going to take a while. Good thing that I generally enjoy it.

I wanted to get a bit of track at least tacked down enough to run on to prove myself that I can still do it. I realized that I had put it off longer than I would have in the past and decided to get myself over it. All went well with no more than the usual number of lost spikes.

Some notes:

  • The raw wood ties are easier to get spikes into. I think the stain I used hardens the pine somewhat.
  • Raw wood spikes make it easier to see what I am doing due to the contrast.
  • Sanding makes it easier to get intermediate tie plates under the rail.
  • I need to swap the Optivisor back to the shorter focal length lens for this job.
  • Distressing ties is much easier if you don’t get excited and forget to do that before you lay rails…

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