Prototype Track

While I was out acquiring some brass screws to use in securing rails at baseboard joints, I took advantage of the nice weather and the proximity of the CN GECO spur to take some photos of turnout details. I am about ready to lay the first turnout and I was dithering about things like how many gauge plates and where do they go? One of the reasons I chose the GECO spur as a source of inspiration is that, if I have questions, I can just go and see.

  • What do the turnouts look like overall? Here is the siding into the Griffith Laboratories plant.griffithoverall
  • Is there really a grade or am I crazy? Not that these are mutually exclusive states but, yes, there sure is. This is a level shot. I bet the local residents enjoy the flange squeal when night switching is done.GECUcurveup
  • How heavy is the rail? 100lb’s and some of it was drawn in 1948. (This means my Right O’Way code 100 rail is too light but not by too much. I claim wartime expedient.)raildetails
  • How many gauge plates and how many rail braces? Depends. 🙂 There are two accessible examples and, of course, they disagree. The Griffith siding looks older so I will take that as a guide. I will consider mixing things up a bit for visual interest.griffithpoints.jpgGriffith has one gauge plate just beyond the points and four adjustable rail braces with a one tie skip for the last one. Note the short ties on the skip and last brace. I wonder what led to that?ipexpoints2The IPEX turnout has two gauge plates and five non-adjustable braces. Those braces look like somebody made them in a shop with plate and a welder.ipexbraces
  • Hook plates under the frogs? Not here, apparently.griffithfrog.jpg
  • What do the switch stands look like? This bit appears consistent between both turnouts. The Griffith stand also has a switch broom in a holder. A nice detail to add. I wonder if the crews carry shovel for when a broom doesn’t cut it?griffithswitchstand

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