Securing Rails at Baseboard Joints

I was away from the thick roof over the train room last week so nothing happened until today. I began the first installation of brass screws to which I will solder the rails next to the baseboard joints. There are purpose made fittings available from the UK but I want to try the old standby. I chose #6 screws because they were the smallest that came in 1 1/4″ length which is required to get into the plywood through 1/2″ of Homasote. I now see why some inset hardwood blocks at the joint since #6 screw heads are huge compared to the base of even O scale flat bottomed rail.

My initial intent was to put the screws between the ties but the screw head was bigger than the official gap of thirteen scale inches. I then fell back to removing the relevant ties and putting the screws where the ties will go. I will then cut and fit the ties around the screws. Hopefully, with paint, weathering and ballast, the screw heads will be unobtrusive.

Here are the screws installed for the main and runaround:Imeantthat

That tie in the middle is right beside the joint, too close to get a screw holding hole under. I know this now…uglytruth

Ties, they don’t just hold rail up, they can cover holes!

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