Final Bit of Subroadbed and Traverser Start

After a week of distractions and right before a March Break trip, I got something done. First off, I cut replacement pieces of Homasote for the back track that is accessed only from the traverser and main/runaround traverser approach. These replace the scrapped bits that were not flat. I salvaged them from the flat bits of the ruined 2×8 sheet. The rest will go in the trash, sadly.lastbits

Secondly, I started cutting out pieces for the traverser. I have been undecided about the details of the design but have decided to go with what might turn out to be the first of multiple iterations. The main issue is that three inches top to bottom gets tight once you allow for a 1/2″ top and 1/2″ base. I may end up using aluminum angles for stiffening if the plywood doesn’t do the job.

Here is a shot of the base (19″x38″) and the front edge piece. It is 4″ because nothing has to go over it. The back will have no edge so that the traverser can extend beyond the baseboard edge. This lets the middle traverser track line up with the back track. My current intent is to have a half building with loading doors over the part of the traverser between main line and the front track. There is definitely some mocking up in the future.traverserbase

I have some 75 lb. drawer slides which I intend to hang in the normal manner in order to have the drawer-like adjustment capability. This will help me compensate for any dodgy carpentry. With that much overkill, I must be an O scaler.slides

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