Vacation Photos

The Nor’easter in Halifax has subsided enough for the casual railfan to venture out. Primed with excellent advice from Chris at Prince Street, I visited CN’s Rockingham Yard to see if anything was stirring on a blustery afternoon. Nothing happening at the north end visible from the public viewing platform.RockinghamNorth

But in the distance, headlights! For the first time in my life, I relocated in an attempt to spot some trains.

After a bit of a wait, CN 9576, a GP40-2L came out of the trackage leading to the container port. I presume that it had just spotted a cut of cars. Camera phone at the ready, I managed to take a lot of closeup shots of chainlink fence and one halfways decent one. Op success!CN9576_Rockingham.jpg

Perhaps I will manage to get out there in the early morning when more things are happening. Now off to a hobby shop!

3 thoughts on “Vacation Photos”

    1. Fixed that for you. 🙂 One of the routes to downtown is the Bedford highway so I get tantalizing glimpses. Saw what I presume is the power for the outgoing stack train last night but nobody else wanted to stop. 😛


      1. Cool. They usually try to send that train out (the stack train; the 121) around 8 or 9. The train itself is massive so it can be fun stopping by earlier in the evening to catch the GP’s assigned to Rockingham Yard as they scramble to build that train.


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