Honeycomb Block

I finished soldering up the frog assembly for Comstock Road’s runaround turnout previously mentioned here. Getting things lined up, holding them in alignment and applying the soldering iron requires more than the usual number of hands issued to humans. And that is before we worry about our fingers lack of heat tolerance.

My solution for this challenge was to use my honeycomb block. This handy little bit of ceramic is something I picked up years ago at a jewelry supply store. Alternatives include fiber pads and charcoal blocks but what they all have in common is that they are heat resistant and you can stick pins in them. The holes in the  honeycomb block would also allow you to run wire through the board and wire things down. I haven’t tried that yet but I can think of cases where I should have.

Here is everything ready for the iron. Not shown is my holding down stick that I use to make sure that the work piece does not move vertically when I push sideways with the iron.honeycombblock

2 thoughts on “Honeycomb Block”

  1. Boy is that cool. I’ve never heard of one of these. What a brilliant way to hold the parts. For me, this activity was always a test of how much heat I can tolerate while soldering turnout parts together.


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    1. And they are not terribly expensive, too! Jewellers are fond of using torches so these things are up to anything we are likely to need. No hammering, though. 🙂


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