Pinned Down


One of the things I find very useful when track laying is the humble T pin. Here I have pinned the curved closure rail in place prior to getting the first tie plate spiked in. I also tend to use a T pin as a micro pry bar to tweak snug fitting tie plates into place. And to lift up the rail to get a really snug plate under in the first place. And to fish the loose fitting plates out from between the ties when I sneeze, twitch or otherwise drop one down there.

There are almost certainly others uses I have forgotten to list but you get the idea.

As a sign of progress, I can now run a car through the straight leg of the turnout. That works very nicely. On the other hand, getting the curved leg in gauge around the length of the point is turning out to be bothersome. I think I should have done the curving stock rail first. It may still come to that.

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