Weekend Reading: The Ancestral Roof

ancestralroofI have been seeking a suitable subject for my first attempt at applying the stonework modelling techniques described by David Wright in his book, Making Rural Buildings for Model Railways. This led me to a book I acquired a while back and had not actually got round to reading. The Ancestral Roof: Domestic Architecture of Upper Canada by Marion MacRae and Anthony Adamson is a detailed review of the housing styles of Upper Canada aka southern Ontario prior to Confederation in 1867. This is the period when the vast majority of stone construction took place so it is bang on for my purposes.

Published in 1963, the era of the book is evidenced in that the extensive collection of photographs are all black and white. No guide to colouring for modellers here. On the other hand, there is a detail coverage of Gerogeian, Loyalist, Regency, Classical Revival and Picturesque styles as embodied in houses built in southern Ontario.

The description of styles is illustrated with many photos and drawings; overall, floorplan and details. I also enjoyed the tales of how particular styles got to Canada and what the locals did to them to adapt to local conditions. A Georgian workers cottage executed in logs is not something you find in the UK.

The Ancestral Roof is long out of print but a quick E-Bay search turned up a couple of inexpensive copies so it is not unobtainable.

edit: photo…


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