2018 Ontario Narrow Gauge Show

I spent Saturday helping out at the Ontario Narrow Gauge show, Ontario’s only train show dedicated to narrow gauge modelling. Held in the historic community hall in Schomberg, ON, the show caters mostly to the narrow minded sorts with a smattering of local punters.

I have discovered that I am terrible at spontaneous train show photography in that I forget to take any photos. Fortunately, I am not in charge of the publicity and social media so I can compensate by posting a link to some excellent photos: 2018 Narrow Gauge Show Photos

My view for much of the day was less inspiring as I manned the ticket booth. boothview

I made up for this by chatting at everybody who stopped by (and the occasional confused art studio tour participant in need of direction). I also almost finished reading David Wright’s book on rural structure building on my phone. Not the best format for appreciating the photos but better than counting bricks on the stores across the street in the slow moments.

Next weekend is the biennial Great British Train Show. I am hoping to get out there to have a thorough look around. Two years ago I was asking to look at everyone’s layout support structures. This year is going to be turnout, er, point control and inter-baseboard electrical connections. 🙂

2 thoughts on “2018 Ontario Narrow Gauge Show”

  1. I’m sure the Narrow Gauge show was a good one again. I had to give it a pass as it was an either or of that or GBTS, and given GBTS is every other year, it won out. Hopefully see you there if you are out on Saturday.



  2. Hi Mark.

    Love this show. I spent my high school years in King and know the hall well. I played in two bands a dance band and a rock band and we played in Schomberg many times for the dance the Schomberg Lions held in the hall every Friday night. Were you aware that Schomberg once had a railway line? The station is a house at the corner of Main and Dr. Kay. Dr. Kay is actually where the roadbed was. I lived in King near Bathurst St. and our property’s north boundary was the ROW of the Schomberg and Aurora Railway. Unfortunately I was unable to attend this year. I usually make the trip seeing as I have family still in the area. The yard was actually a real life Ingelnook. Three spurs and no runaround. One served the mill that is still there on Main St. There was a Y about 2 miles away and the train backed in. Anyways great show.

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