First Turnout Done-ish

I have been remiss in posting but I am pleased to report that some of that time away was spent actually working on Comstock Road which is the primary point of this exercise. I have got all the rails and most of the details installed or at least fitted and awaiting installation on the first turnout. I also got about a foot and a half of the diverging route laid beyond the frog. Therapeutic pushing of the test car back and forth now includes the sweet sound of metal wheels running through the frog.

I still need to install the gauge plates and throw bar but I did get as far as getting them cut to the correct length. These cast brass Right O Way parts need to be cut to length, at least for Proto:48 gauge. I made a start on a jig for sizing these so I can repeat without having to measure each installation. It is the minimalist approach of some lines on a block of wood. I do the actual cutting with my bench pin and saw frame. I am pleased to have gotten enough practice with these tools that they now feel like the easy solution not merely the necessary one.

Here is an overall shot of the turnout. I think I will need multiple closeups for a useful tour of the detail parts I used.oneanddoneish.jpg

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