Braced Baseboards

My initial intent for ensuring sufficient rigidity in Comstock Road’s baseboards was to achieve the equivalent of a solid top with a combination of subroadbed and sheet foam. As time has passed, I have observed that the subroadbed does little to prevent twisting and that there isn’t that much area for the foamboard to go. I am reluctant to commit the alignment of the trackwork to wishful thinking so I decided to make the diagonal bracing overt.

An added advantage (assuming it does the job) is that my traverser won’t need a bottom. This will simplify the design and make the mechanism easier to install and access.

Here is the traverser section waiting for the glue to set. I am using some 1/4″ fir ply strips I cut up for a prototype since it will get them off the wood rack. I don’t really like the stuff since it is one big splinter dispenser but it does mean I don’t have to cut any more plywood. Note also that advantage of portable baseboard sections: the ability to tip the thing on its side for working on the bottom. Wiring without dripping solder on yourself is to be recommended.braced

2 thoughts on “Braced Baseboards”

  1. Fascinating woodworking project. I also created a light weight base using only 1/4” plywood and glued together with no nails or screws. However, my three to four inch plywood strips had several 2 1/2” holes drilled through both for lightening the unit and wire access,pl

    I also glued on cove mokding to the edges, thereby creating sort of an I-Beam design to create a larger surface to glue on one inch Styrofoam.

    I would include pictures, but can see no way if attaching same..


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    1. I intend to drill holes if and when. I expect there to be plenty of air under the track areas. I did the comprehensive hole thing on the last effort and it was not my favourite part of the project so I am hoping to avoid it where I can.


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