Traverser In Progress

The last major bit of construction required to allow eventual completion of track laying on Comstock Road is the traverser. I have spent a fair bit of time considering alternative designs (aka dithering) since this is something that I have no prior experience in and that is critical to the successful functioning of the layout. Perfectionist paralysis notwithstanding, no traverser at all is not a better solution so I used the non-travelling part of this Victoria Day long weekend to make a start.

I am pleased with the results so far. I have constructed the table and installed the boards on the layout that will support the slides. What remains is the corresponding slide mounting boards on the table and the slides themselves.traverserip

The correct functioning of drawer slides requires various components to be square and parallel and level. Just the sort of think that I tend to worry about cocking up. I may have done so but as far as I can tell everything is still aligned within the resolution of the measuring instruments employed. Here are most of the aforementioned instruments. I have yet to decide if my anxiousness about the process is reflected more by the variety of tools employed or by the fact that I own them all in the first place. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Traverser In Progress”

  1. Yay Dithering!!! That’s a skill I’m good at. I’m curious to see how your traverser works out. My current track plan for Liberty Village after I move in June and have a layout room requires two of them (one for staging at each end).

    Looks good to me from the picture, I’m sure it will work just great once you get the sliders in.


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