Heavy Metal!

When Trevor told me that he was acquiring a Sherline lathe, I promptly suggested that roller gauges would be an excellent starter project and that Proto:48 would be an excellent choice of gauge. Being the excellent friend that he is, Trevor suggested that I get my own lathe and make my gauges myself. There I sat until I overheard another friend discussing the sale of a lathe in the pub after a show. Being a bit late to the fair, I ended up on the waiting list in case the potential buyer decided to pass.

Here is my newest modelling tool: a Myford ML7 only a year older than I am sitting in the back of the modeller transportation unit.ml7woot

This is looking at the back with the motor detached and the tailstock removed to minimize the weight. I am fortunate to have the opportunity and means to take this machine into my keeping for a time. And also to have a couple of teenagers to help me get it into the basement. Getting things put back together will be an education.

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