Unphotogenic Progress

I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t done anything hobby related that would make a good photo. Nevertheless, some steady work has taken place which is one way I try to keep momentum. I worry about the long hiatus from the shop as it gets harder to restart as the time away gets longer.

So, what have I done?

  • fabricated the support bracket to go under the layout side of the traverser interface.
  • roughed out a belt driven design for traverser motorization based on commercially available components
  • figured out where to get metal to make my desired roller gauges
  • figured out what all the bits and bobs that came with the lathe are for. And started listing what I still need.
  • a couple of feet of tieplate and spike infill on existing track.

The tieplate infill is my current quick start activity. This is the thing I can do on no notice with supplies and tools already laid out. “spring into instant action” as Iain Rice put it. If I can get myself down to the shop then the barriers to doing something is virtually nil.

A lot of the time lately, 10-15 minutes of spiking is all that I get done. It isn’t spectacular but it is work that will need to be done and it provides a distractions from the cares of the day which is ultimately what I think a hobby is for. There is also the reinforcing feeling of satisfaction that today, I got something done on the layout. Much better than the depressing feeling that I could have and did not.

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