Traverser Ties

In a bid to destress a bit, I put on an episode of Model Rail Radio and did a bit of low anxiety work on the layout. I attached the bracket to the subroadbed at the traverser interface, trimmed and glued down the Homasote on top of it and then glued down the ties to the three traverser tracks.


There is the traverser approaches and the back track reached from the traverser to go and then all ties will be down and I can give Trevor back his sander. I am also pleased to report that I did indeed need the second bag of Mt. Albert ties. But, since I have only just used up the first bag, I am going to have a substantial overage. Still better than being about 5 feet short.

3 thoughts on “Traverser Ties”

  1. Nice work – and great to see you making progress. This is the most progress I think I’ve ever seen you make – obviously, this project’s subject and scope hit the sweet spot for you!
    No rush on the Edmond Fitzsander. I’m not doing new ties anytime soon…
    – Trevor

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  2. Whether it is theme or extent, the non-exotic locale was part of my intent to remove extra barriers to completion. NY waterfront requiring 40 running feet of backdrop buildings, 8 feet of wharf pilings and transfer bridge was just too high a hill to climb.

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