Roller Gauge Mk1

Various people have asked me what the lathe is for. It is, of course, for many things (I have a hammer and I am looking for nails) but the first on the list is some Proto:48 roller gauges. The project was chosen since it is both straight forward machining and because I have an immediate use for them.

Straight forward is not the same as trivial and I am learning as I go. Twenty years is not the recommended period between class and practice. I am also learning things like where to go to get a replacement for the headstock v-belt and where to go to buy small quantities of metal.

Here is a piece of .5″ round brass rod chucked in a collet and ready for attempt number two. lathesetup

And here is the result of attempt number one. Despite a collection of learning moments, the end result is actually functional much to my surprise. The next version will have reliefs cut to clear other rails so I can use them in turnouts. The advantage of this type of gauge over the three point ones I have is that they don’t obscure a lot of the rails.gaugemk1

7 thoughts on “Roller Gauge Mk1”

    1. It is definitely a way of discovering the difference between skill and knowledge or and practice. There are all sorts of incremental things to do and learn with a lathe, too. In my case: replace headstock spindle belt, figure out how to set tool height, figure out correct tools for various operations, …


      1. I did contemplate building a gingery lathe but then realised I didn’t have the skills or time to make something useable highlighting your first sentence, so I brought a tiny one to learn on the promptly covered it in a tonne of junk but seeing your post has made my think I really should use it and learn some skills even if they are just setting it up correctly and making track gauges..

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      2. I, too, have a set of the Gingery books and even an appropriate steel bucket in the back of the shed. Perhaps when I retire I will get around to the casting thing.


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