Traverser Leveled

I had been putting off completing the task of leveling the traverser due to the lack of success in my initial effort. I would get one bit level but getting all the traverser to level with that one spot was not happening. Eventually, I realized that I was attempting to level the traverser with the roadbed edge when what I needed to do was level roadbed with the drawer slides. After that, adjusting the table to level via normal drawer slide adjustment is easy. In other words, if the plane of traversal is not parallel to your roadbed edge, adjusting the table relative to the slide won’t help.

Here is the current state of the area with the first of the remaining ties glued down. From here, I will lay rail up to the edge and match it with rail on each of the traverser roads. After that, I will match the traverser roads with the other incoming tracks.traverserfiddled.jpg

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