Milestone Update

Back in January of this year (that I can add “this year” is a personal triumph), I listed some construction milestones for Comstock Road. I figured that the mid-point in the year was a good time to review and see how I am doing.

Here is the list pared down to that which was not already completed at the last review:

  • Trackbed – In Progress Done
  • Run a locomotive – short plain section with alligator clips will do. – Done
  • Basic landforms aka terra foama – not started but I am itching to get at that.
  • A turnout laid and wired with servo – one laid but no servo yet. I think I have settled on a mechanism but I need to make the first attempt.
  • Track laid – 25% complete
  • Rest of servos installed and wired.
  • Traverser on manual – traverser is built and aligned, ties laid but no track. – Done
  • Powered traverser – still wrestling with mechanism options
  • Layout backdrop and lighting valance
  • Operating session?
  • Building mockups

All things considered, I am pleased with my progress. There have been some off weeks but just about every week I have done something to move things along. Onward!


4 thoughts on “Milestone Update”

  1. Hello Mark, hope you remember me from John Spring’s. Found you from following Trevor and have read along. Mark Hill and I have been building a portable P-48 for some years all be it slowly and will again be at the Greater Toronto Show this September (Brampton) if you don’t get an engine running on yours come on out and run one on ours, I love to chat with you about all things P-48.


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