Making Train While the Sun Shines

The July 1st long weekend has been beastly hot here in Southern Ontario so I dealt with the heat by spending time in the cool basement. I got a number of minor things done or moved along.

Here is a shot of the traverser end of the layout which shows various things I want to mention.tiesdone

Firstly, note the clamped base of my Ottlite in the upper right hand corner. The light survived one fast trip to the concrete and I am trying to avoid seeing if it will survive a second. Another argument besides dropped tools for getting in some scenery foam sooner rather than later.

I printed out and glued down replacement templates for the bits of subroadbed that I had to tear up due to warped Homasote ends. This means that all the ties are down on the layout except for the cosmetic bits around joint anchoring screws.

On the anchoring screw front, I acquired some brass #4 Roberson screws to do the ends of the traverser tracks. Since there is no Homasote, just plywood, I can use a shorter, smaller screw. Just where nobody will be looking… I can see the merits of the hardwood block at the joint technique since it would allow the smaller, less obtrusive screws. Here is a comparison shot of the two sizes. It also gave me a rare chance to break out the yellow handled Robertson driver.fourvssix

Finally, I got a single rail on the main line up to the traverser interface and then, in a fit of enthusiasm, spiked down the center traverser track. This went quick quickly since I am using my supply of Right O’Way spikes that I deemed too large for visible trackage. No tie plates are required except at the interface for matching so I can just bang things down. First real use of the roller gauges made things go even faster. I can now convince myself that they actually work.

Of course, I went so fast I forgot put feeders on under the rails on the traverser. I will just do it ugly on the surface and pretend that it is a design feature.

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