Sign of Progress: Doing Things in Batches

I have previously talked about how I find encouragement in throwing out empty packages because it means I have managed to use up a retail increment of something.

Another sign of things getting done is when you start doing things in batches instead of by the each. In my case, I found myself needing a total of four pairs of track feeder wires for the two rear tracks coming off the traverser, the “back” track and the runaround track. Only four rails but they span the baseboard joint and will be cut apart so two feeders per rail.

After the tinning the ends on the first two, I realized that I could batch the cutting and tinning process. Compulsive optimization: the sign of those in engineering related trades. I then realized that batching things meant I had got beyond just managing the task and was now trying for more efficiency, so, progress!


4 thoughts on “Sign of Progress: Doing Things in Batches”

  1. It’s always fun to read the latest update on your layout Mark. Thank you for continuing to share them. By the way, I sure enjoyed this line: “a retail increment of something”.



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