Nothing Like a Bit of Paint

I plunked along this week getting some track laid, namely the back track and the part of the runaround that meets the traverser. This involved various bits of aligning things so that the spacing on the traverser matches the spacing between the runaround and main. After some fooling about trying to line things up across the gap, I finally remembered that I own precision measuring tools. Using a digital caliper might be overkill but it was certainly easier.

Today I got a chance to get the traverser done at least for manual operation.

Third and final track spiked down.


Feeders for all the rails added and wired up to a terminal block. Short bit of bus wire added so I can easily attach alligator clips for test running.traverserwired

And then the fun bit, masking prior to track painting. I find masking at 1-1 scale fun, especially when no particular precision is required. I just don’t plan on the sides of the traverser being track coloured.traversermasked

And lastly, I carried the detached traverser table out to the back yard and sprayed the track with Rustoleum Camouflage Brown. The traverser won’t be very visible (hopefully) but I figured that it should be at least properly coloured and ballasted. It will also give me a chance to practice weathering the track.traverserpainted

Of all the tasks for the layout I have done so far, painting the track was probably the easiest. It is also easily the most dramatic visual change to date as one would expect from painting things.

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