Wiring Tools

Operating single track segments via test leads is getting old fast. I have wired up the traverser but it is not yet connected to anything. Being sectional, Comstock Road requires a robust quick connect solution for making electrical connections between sections. I decided to invest in a crimper and go with one of the preferred solutions for modular groups, Anderson Powepole stackable connectors. (Of course, after I assumed I needed to acquire a crimper, at lunch, Trevor says “you could have borrowed mine…” Serves me right for assuming he didn’t have one.

Anyway, here are my newest and oldest wiring tools along with the first pair of connectors installed. The orange handled one is a TC-1 crimper for the Powerpoles newly acquired via a certain e-commerce behemoth. The yellow handled one is a self-adjusting wire stripper bought many years ago from a local big box retailer. If you don’t own one of these self-adjusting wire strippers and are relying on something cruder, I highly recommend you invest in one. If you do much wiring at all, the amount of time saved makes them well worth it.


2 thoughts on “Wiring Tools”

  1. I am not clear as to which crimped in the picture is the newer and better one, And what it might be called and where you bought it.

    I am , I believe, a bit further West than you live, Etobicoke near Islington and Dundas.



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