No Kingdoms Were Lost

Ever set out to do something simple and run into a cascade of things that need to happen first kind of like the legendary horseshoe nail in reverse? That was me this weekend when I wanted to put the bus wires into the modules.

The sequence went something like: bus wires?, need to tip the sections up, need to cut some rails that are still spanning joints, need to solder those rails to anchor screws, need to put in diagonal braces in two non-traverser sections, need to drill holes in cross braces before diagonals take away clearance for drill, need cable anchors to fix bus wires to layout.

In a triumph of will over inertia, I managed to get all of that done. Here are the two non-traverser sections holed, braced and bus wired. I just need to glue to cure on the diagonal braces.bracedandbussed

Notice how each section is held upright by two clamps? There was an incident. Single clamp slipped on the center section and it face planted onto the support. Track looks intact but will have to check more thoroughly after I set it down. The impact also popped the joints between the two interior brace ends and the side rail. I fixed those with 2″ deck screws since the 1.25″ screws didn’t hold. I am contemplating adding 2″ screws to the other joints to be safe. Pro Tip: back clamps are a fine idea.

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