0.35mm Off the Middle

The lead screw kit I recently acquired for the traverser included an 8mmx6mm flexible coupler for joining 8mm lead screw to a stepper motor. I had hoped that the specs meant 6.35″ aka 1/4″ but no such luck. My choices where either to go and buy an 8×6.35 coupler from my local robotics store (yeah, being able to say that is kind of cheating) or drill out the 6mm hole to take a 1/4″ shaft. The couplers are less than $10CDN so it isn’t that big a deal but I decided that drilling with my lathe was a capability I needed to exercise.

Of course, I didn’t have an appropriate set of drill bits so out I went to the local big box store. $50 later, I was ready to save $10. Payback on the lathe is going to take a long time at this rate. 🙂 Seriously, though, I think a boring capability (for bigger holes) is the only thing I still need to acquire. From hereon in, it should be all down hill.

The actual setup and operation was refreshingly simple, I just removed the set screws from the coupler, chucked it in the self-centering three jaw chuck, chucked the bit in the Jacobs chuck in the tail stock, adjusted for distance and drilled away. It took no more than five minutes.

If this was all I ever needed to do, the lathe would obviously be overkill. On the other hand, having one available makes this sort of thing dead easy and it gives me satisfaction to get useful things done with it.

Here is the setup with the work just done:upsized

And here is the coupler installed on the stepper shaft.quarterinched

4 thoughts on “0.35mm Off the Middle”

  1. I’m really starting to think I brought my lathe in haste and it’s not really going to be big enough, but I’ll have to wait till I can start using it seriously. Good that you were able to “make” a solution.

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    1. I guess it depends on what you want to do and how often. Unless you are doing “big” things, alot, an ML7 is probably overkill. I consider “Myfording” to be an additional hobby itself. That would be some of that meandering mentioned in the blog name.

      The previous owner also owns a Taig mini lathe and found that he was not using the ML7 since the Taig would do all that he needed despite working in small scale live steam. And is stores on a shelf and doesn’t require help to move.


  2. Nice to see you putting the lathe to use. You’ve used yours more than I’ve used mine – so far, anyway…
    It was obviously a good investment for you – as has been this layout project. Well done!
    (See you Friday.)
    – Trevor

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