Charging the Hill

I managed to put a good couple of hours in on tracklaying today. I decided that I wanted to be able to run up the ramp to the elevated siding. Getting that done will finish off the trackwork that needs to be done from the rear of the layout. That, in turn, will allow me to rough in the scenery and put up the backdrop without needing to take it on and off frequently. (Famous last words…)

With that goal in mind, I installed the frog and diverging stock rail for the turnout leading to the hill and carried on up the hill. By the time the game was called on account of darkness I had rail all the way to the end with the end pieces in the process of being spiked down. I also got the closure rails cut and feeders installed (feedered?) so I can spike those down as well without having to break out the soldering iron. I even remembered to install the joint reinforcing brass screws before I spiked rail over the joint. There is a first time for everything. 🙂


I am reasonably certain my Atlas SW-8 will have no problem negotiating the stiff but short grade with a car or two. I am for sure certain that a derail and some sort of positive braking mechanism will be required since the grade can impart quite a bit of speed to a car rolling from the top.

I discovered that there is a downside to roller gauges. I had to deploy a t-pin to keep a gauge where I needed it. This may indicate an insufficiently tight tolerance in my gauge design.gradebrake

2 thoughts on “Charging the Hill”

    1. Are you using frog and point castings or whittling them from rail? I find that with the American Switch & Signal (now sold by Right O’ Way) castings for the frogs and points that the Proto part is just finer gauge tolerances. The castings make the hard part easy.


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