LCD Standoff

One of the challenges I face in constructing the control system for the traverser automation is that I am using prototyping components. These are standalone boards used to mock up a system but not usually used in a “product”. Typically, one designs a custom printed circuit board that has all the components on it and does not require various boards wired together. Since I am only ever going to need one of these, I am just building it out of the prototyping components.

Which leads to the challenge of attaching the LCD board to the panel. I cut a suitable sized opening but I still needed to fix the board in place. I settled on using 3/8″ standoffs. These have threaded holes in each end so I could use the holes already provided on each board corner and the ones I drilled in the panel.

The fit in the opening isn’t perfect but about as good as I can get without some sort of bezel to cover the gap. I also had to cut down 8 screws to get since 3/8″ is less than 2×3/8″ and that is the shortest machine screws I could find.


And here is the current panel front.


Next step is some sort of wire harness for a detachable connection from the panel to the Arduino which will have to be a bit of distance away. Jumper wires and a breadboard are not a great permanent solution. 😛

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