Windows For Willy

One of the non-Comstock Road projects I have in my collection of projects in progress is a Bar Mills HO Waterfront Willy’s kit. Being taken with a desire for a change from track spiking and circuit wrangling, I pulled the project box out and set about figuring out where I was at.

Where I was at turned out to be adding window castings previously painted. That went well until I realized that there were more window holes than window castings. A short amount of searching and vocabulary exercising later, I concluded that I was indeed short three castings. I have no idea whether that was because I lost them or the kit was short so I contacted Bar Mills and enquired about buying the missing windows. They kindly undertook to mail me some. They have so far declined to take my money. I appreciate the prompt and understanding customer support!

Anyway, I have got all the windows stuck on, the eave and door trim boards applied and the two doors assembled. I just set them in place for the photo which reveals one crooked in the opening which is an argument in favour of photographing your modelling to reveal areas in need of improvement.


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