DIY Jumper Wires

Anyone who has ever built a prototype circuit using a breadboard has encountered jumper wires. These wires have connectors on the ends which can fit into the holes on the board as well as the appropriate connectors on circuit boards. There are also male and female connectors (a jumper wire has a 1 wire version of these on each end). These connectors are usually referred to as type JR. You can purchase some premade but if you want anything odd like a 10 wire connector splitting to 6 and 4 connectors, you need to make your own. And of course, there is a crimper for that.

My plan for hooking up the control panel for Comstock Road’s traverser control panel involves the aforementioned split arrangement. This became the pretext to purchase yet another crimping tool along with the appropriate connector kits. And learning began…

I discovered that getting a good crimp was a bit of a challenge and it took a couple of YouTube video watchings and 3 out of 4 pins on the connector botched before I got it sorted. You cannot buy the pins separately so off I went to get another connector. Fortunately, the 4-wire connector is less than a dollar so the tuition is not high. If you get one of these crimpers, buy extra connectors for practice.

Here is the tool and the 4 and 10 pin connectors in progress.jrcrimp

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