A Minor Triumph of Ergonomics

Inspired by my initial bit of wiring to get the loco off the traverser, I got stuck in on the wiring for the completed bits of trackage on the center section. Things are considerably more involved that two pieces of plain track so more time is needed. My lower back soon let me know that the awkward bending over I was doing was not appreciated. And then it hit me. When I regained consciousness, 🙂 I realized that the propped up section was at a perfect height to work on. If I was sitting down. A quick policing up of the floor in front of the layout (power cords, project box, …) later, I had my work bench chair in position and I was back on the job.

Here is the view from the chair.seatedwiring

I will do a separate post on my wiring methods, such as they are, but I wanted to touch on this particular advantage of sectional/modular/small layouts. The ability to tip up a section to get at the underside without crawling about on the floor is a definite advantage I had not really appreciated up till now. I have done enough crawling about under my own and others layouts that doing the same work seated upright seems so easy that it feels like cheating. And that is before we discuss the prospect of soldering wires while looking up: “The most important tool in the shop: Safety Glasses!” — Norm Abrams.

There are compromises that one has to make for a layout to be portable, some of which I would rather not, given a choice. It is nice to (re)discover an appreciation for one of the advantages.

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