Measure Twice…Oh, Bother!

diamondderpI bent up the second knuckle rail for the Comstock Road diamond and set about filing the two other running rails. I very carefully blued (with a big Sharpie marker), marked the angles using  a scribe like a proper machinist, and filed up to the line. The first rail works beautifully. The second one had a slight issue. (If you look closely, you can see that the second rail has the angle going precisely the wrong way.) Fortunately I have lots of rail and the filing process is not too time consuming.

I am also glad that I took the time to make up my set of roller gauges. They made setting the rails for the second half (side?) of the diamond a snap.rollergaugesftw

I also got the frog and the straight closure rail for the turnout leading to one leg of the crossing down. I plan to do the same for the other turnout before putting down the crossing since they are less mutable than the diamond itself.

5 thoughts on “Measure Twice…Oh, Bother!”

  1. The full phrase is, “think thrice, measure twice, cut but once”.
    But that’s me engaging in “do as I say, not as I do”.

    Thank you, though, for sharing this with us. Too often we never get to hear/see about simple errors that everyone can make, and it is reassuring to know we are not alone in this.

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    1. And that is very appropriate here since the actual error is one of thinking rather than measuring.
      My intent in setting out on this blog was just as you say, to share things as they happen errors and all. The polished posts often leave out the trial and error that came before. If I left all that out, there wouldn’t be much to write about! 🙂


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