Power Strip

I made a minor investment in Comstock Road’s infrastructure by installing a dedicated power strip one the sub-baseboard frame. This will allow me to plug in the “wall wart” power supplies for the servo controller, the traverser mechanism, and whatever else I end up with (animation, structure lighting,…) and run one cord to the dedicated switch outlet. Prone as I am to getting focused on a task and obliviously kicking and tripping over things, I felt it prudent to organize things out of the way before I accidentally ripped some cord out of something.

This also represents the first time I have actually been under the layout since I set it up since I can usually just flip up a baseboard section to get at the underside. A sweep up of floor usually covered by stuff was indicated. No lost treasure was found.powerstrip

The scrounged power supply currently powering the servo controller is obstructing an outlet despite the spacing. I may have to see a squarer replacement if I need that outlet in the future.

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