Traces of Past Layouts

I have not been getting much time in the workshop as my energy has been going into finalizing the sale of my father’s house and wrapping up the estate. One of the inevitable tasks in selling a house is cleaning it out. In this case, the house was mostly vacant but needed to have the remains taken away.

You learn something about someone when you clean out their house. My dad has at least eight wooden yardsticks in stock as well as an assortment of wood offcuts accumulated over a lifetime of do-it-yourselfing everything from wood turning to masonry and plumbing.

Of particular note are several sections of open grid benchwork dating back to my first ambitions layout attempt when I was twelve and this:HOn30?

I think this was going to be HOn30 but it certainly never saw rails. I can’t remember much about this project but I was probably about fourteen at the time. The assembly of short cork roadbed sections suggest the frugality of a hobby funded by delivering newspapers.

Try as I might, I could not convince my dad that I had moved on and he was free to dispose of these layout ghosts as he saw fit. I guess it is only fitting that I should get rid of my own leftovers.

I also had more time to be organized in those days, too. Here is the edge of a shelf unit unearthed at the back of the shop.organized!

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